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  • Special Events

Intramurals & Club Sports

  • Special Events

    Residence Hall Challenge

    Let the trash talk begin! This event offers an opportunity for each residence hall to battle it out on the field to determine which hall earns bragging rights! The competition is different every time and can range from water balloon toss to volleyball.

    Intramural Extravaganza: N’Olympics

    Have a hard time walking and chewing gum at the same time? Join us for N’Olympics, which are non-athletic based activities, such as giant push ball, frozen t-shirt relay, and water balloon toss to name a few. No training involved, just show up and have fun!

    Muggle Quidditch

    Harry Potter comes to life in this high- energy competition! Muggle Quidditch incorporates many favorite summer camp games, including Capture the Flag, Dodgeball, and Tag. Chasers try to score by throwing the quaffle into one of three goal hoops. Beaters peg players with the bludger (dodgeball anyone?), Keepers guard goal posts at each end to stop Chasers from scoring. Is that not enough action? Seekers chase after the golden snitch! *Contrary to popular belief – our brooms are not magical and will not fly.

    Inner Tube Basketball

    Hang up your sneakers and grab your goggles, we’re taking basketball to the pool! No need for man to man defense, participants will be using inner tubes to stay afloat while trying to score!

    Water Polo

    Marco….Polo… Yes- we offer Water Polo in the Nemzek Pool as a special event! Come swim with us, even if you have never played before! Playing dimensions will be in both the shallow and deep ends. Participate where you’re comfortable! Life Jackets are available upon request!

    Battleship H20

    You sunk my battleship! Grab some friends and meet us at the pool, Battleship H20 brings your classic board game to life. Teams sit four to a canoe and use only buckets and shields to sink their opponents. Feel free to make your own shields!


    Strike? Gutterball? We take it all! Play with us at Sunset Lanes- located in Moorhead.

    Splash Dash 5K

    Run, Forrest, Run! Our 5K fun run will take you throughout the beautiful MSUM campus. Watch out for the Water Stations! Super Soaker Tsunami, Hurricane Scorch, and take the Polar Plunge at the end of the race! Open to ages 12 and up.

    Grass Volleyball Tournament

    Welcome to the Midwest! We’re taking beach volleyball to the prairie. Grass volleyball is played with the same rules as beach volleyball, but provides more solid ground beneath your feet. The tournament will offer both doubles and four on four options.


    Not sure if this is a game or an insect? Check it out- we will teach you how to play this fun international game!

    TRON Dodgeball

    Glow in the Dark Dodgeball with barricades. Similar to a game of paintball, but with the lights out! Find something to hide behind, and take the opponents by surprise! Gym will be full of glow sticks and black lights! Watch out for neon flying dodgeballs!

    Softball Tournament

    Grab your friends and join the rest of campus in a fun day in the sun full of slow pitch softball. Teams are encouraged to be creative in uniforms and chants!

    Competitive Tournaments

    Do you miss competing against the best of the best? Get a team together for our competitive weekend tournaments! Volleyball, Basketball, Soccer, Flag Football, Softball, Ultimate Frisbee, and more! Dates are listed on IMLeagues.