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  • Special Events

    Muggle Quidditch: October 2nd in the Field House

    Harry Potter comes to life in this high- energy competition! Muggle Quidditch incorporates many favorite summer camp games, including Capture the Flag, Dodgeball, and Tag. Chasers try to score by throwing the quaffle into one of three goal hoops. Beaters peg players with the bludger (dodgeball anyone?), Keepers guard goal posts at each end to stop Chasers from scoring. Is that not enough action? Seekers chase after the golden snitch! *Contrary to popular belief – our brooms are not magical and will not fly.

    Battleship H20: September 22nd in the Nemzek Pool

    You sunk my battleship! Grab some friends and meet us at the pool, Battleship H20 brings your classic board game to life. Teams sit four to a canoe and use only buckets and shields to sink their opponents. Feel free to make your own shields!

    Bowling: November 20th @ Sunset Lanes

    Strike? Gutterball? We take it all! Play with us at Sunset Lanes- located in Moorhead.

    Grass Volleyball Tournament

    Welcome to the Midwest! We’re taking beach volleyball to the prairie. Grass volleyball is played with the same rules as beach volleyball, but provides more solid ground beneath your feet. The tournament will offer both doubles and four on four options.

    Glow In The Dark Dodgeball: October 16 in Gym 113

    Dodgeball in the Dark!! Same rules as Dodgeball, but with the lights out! Gym will be full of glow sticks, black lights, glow throw lines, and glow dodgeballs! Make sure to wear white so you glow as well!

    Mat Kickball December 4 in the Field House

    Just like the days of elementary Phy-Ed. Come join in and play mat kickball. See how far you can kick the ball and how quick you can make it to the base, watch out for the flying kickball!


    Be sure to check IMLeagues for official times and locations, and to sign teams up! Check out our Facebook page: MSUM Intramurals for pictures from previous special events.