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    Thank you to everyone for the hard work that you all did for CON!  GREAT JOB!


    Janet’s Office Hours
    Janet will be out of the office from April 20th – April 23rd for recruiting in Canada.  Because of this the last OPT session will be cancelled.  If you want to apply for OPT or have questions please make an appointment with Janet.


    Graduating Students and Sash Ceremony

    If you are graduating you will want to make sure you have filled out the graduation papers located at :

    If you are planning on applying for OPT now is the time to start thinking about this process and making an appointment with me. It does take 90 days for this to process so the sooner you do it the sooner you will receive your work authorization card. Please review the following website to understand the OPT process:

    Or apply for a masters, another bachelors, or add a minor.

    Sash Ceremony remember, you can invite anyone/any number of guests to the Sash Ceremony. You just have to RSVP to the number of guests you will be inviting to the Sash Ceremony, so we can order food and seating accordingly. Graduation dinner is only for 2 guests (3 total with you the graduating student).  


    Summer Registration Open

    Summer registration is open.  Everyone can register for summer classes and you do not need an access code.  


    ISO Voting

    International Student Organization (ISO) year 2015-2016 voting:

    The ISO ballot will go live on April 20th and end on May 1st. Only current students can log in to vote and they can only vote one time.


    ISS Relocating / Moving

    Just so you know - ISS will be moving downstairs to CMU 114 towards the end of April.  We will be co-located along with the Office of Diversity and Inclusion. 


    Contracts / Apartments / Phones / etc.

    I thought with many of you moving to a new place now would be a good time to talk about the importance of Contracts.  Please remember that if you move into an apartment make sure everyone living in the apartment is on the contract.  If you do not whoever is on the contract will be responsible for all the costs associated with apartment.  This is true with all bills connected to the apartment.  This is also true with phone plans - if you connect with other students to receive a family plan whoever is on the contract will be responsible for the bills.  I would hope that none of you would leave someone with a bill to pay.  How would you feel if someone did it to you?  A contract is a contract and if you sign it you are responsible for all attached to the contract.



    Remember to check the dates of your final exams. Your final exams will most likely not be held on the day of your normal class meeting.  It will be different.  If unsure please verify with your Professor or check the website at :  Select Spring 2015.   


    Exchange Students Transcripts

    If you are an exchange student remember to order your transcripts.  You will want to indicate to have them sent “After Grades are Posted” You can either go to the Records Office or order them on-line at the following website


    Office Hours

    Our office hours in the summer will be 7:30 - 4:00 Monday - Friday.  These hours will start May 18th, 2015.  


     Volunteer Opportunities for Spring 2015


    Student Organization Officers and Advisors,


    On the morning of Saturday, May 9, the Fargo Marathon will be running through the MSUM campus for the first time in its 11-year history! We will celebrate the occasion by gathering in the campus mall to cheer on the runners and demonstrate our Dragon Pride. In addition, we will need numerous volunteers to help hand out water/food to the runners, help with set-up and clean-up, and various other tasks. This would be a great opportunity for your student organization to get involved!


    We are asking anyone that is willing to volunteer that morning to sign-up via Sign-Up Genius. Go to, indicate which shift you can help, click “Submit and Sign-Up”, and enter your contact information. We will then communicate more information to you as we get closer to the marathon.


    If you have any questions, please ask Steve Fox