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    Hope your week is going well. Good Luck with your finals, final papers and projects. For those who are departing MSUM, It is that time of the year that we say Good Bye to some of our exchange students, students transferring to a different U.S institutions, students who are not returning to MSUM and students who are graduating. We hope that you enjoyed your stay here at MSUM and that you will return to MSUM someday. Best Wishes from all of us at the International Student Services. 
    Congratulations to our Amazing Graduates
    Congratulations to our wonderful International Graduates We are honored to announce our graduating international students. Please join ISS to congratulate our graduates by attending the Sash Ceremony. The Spring semester Sash ceremony will be on Thursday May 14
    th, 2015 at the CMU Ballroom from 4-6pm. The Sash Ceremony is a presentation of Sashes from the students country of citizenship.
    Congratulations to our wonderful Graduates!

    Academic Suspension/Probation/In-State Scholarship Cancellation and Appeals
    We are one week away to conclude spring 2015 semester. By now you are aware of your grades. If you know that you did not do well this semester (GPA less than 2.0) and this is the second semester that you have performed poorly, please plan ahead and apply for academic reinstatement (check with Academic Support Center at FF 154). If failed to maintain the 2.0 GPA and failed to submit the volunteer form, you still can appeal the In-State Scholarship. Please submit the in-state tuition scholarship appeal form(complete the form and submit to Kelsey at ISS/CMU 114). If you are placed on Academic Suspension, you will receive an email from ISS as well as Academic Support Center. It is absolutely critical that you work on your Academic Appeal process if you are placed on Academic suspension. If you are not certain of your academic status and you have performed poorly please email Troy at and you will be able to know your academic status. Again, please note ISS has moved to CMU 114

    Academic Suspension Appeal Form: Deadline May 15th 2015 submit the form to ASC 154 by 4:30pm
    In-State Tuition Appeal Form : Deadline May 15th 2015 Submit to ISS/CMU 114 by 4:30pm

    Please note, two appeals are different appeals and must be submitted individually to each department that is listed on the instructions of the form.
    ISS New Office CMU 114and summer hours
    ISS will now be located down in CMU 114. Summer hours are 7:30 to 4:00. Please make note that with the construction over the summer time you will only be able to access the CMU through two doors.  To get to ISS you must enter the door on the NW side of the CMU along 6th Avenue.  If you need to go to the main office of CMU you will need to enter the doors by the Dining Hall.

    Remember if you will be in need of a travel signature please stop in and see Janet or if she is not in drop it off and she will sign it and you can pick it up later.
    Volunteer formswill be due the date of graduation by 4:00 pm.  No later.  Make sure you have completed all of your hours and had your form signed. 
    Congratulation to our new ISO Board
    President: Daniela Kossowski (Venezuela)
    Vice President: Maria Paula Miranda (Brazil)
    Secretary: Nancy Castro (Honduras)
    Treasurer: Carmela Camacho (Venezuela)
    Events Coordinator: Danna Galeano (Colombia)
    Web/Graphic Design: Laura Madalosso (Brazil)
    Hendrix Summer Hours
    Hendrix will be open on Wednesdays from 8:00 – 4:30 during summer school.

    Summer Registration Open
    Summer registration is open.  Everyone can register for summer classes and you do not need an access code to do so.  
    Summer Working
    If you are planning to continue working at your campus job make sure your bill is paid in full.  If your bill is not paid and you are not registered for fall semester you cannot continue working into the summer. 
    Exchange Students Transcripts
    If you are an exchange student remember to order your transcripts.  You can either go to the Records Office or order them on-line at the following website

    Volunteering Opportunity
    Looking for 3 students to help us out during the sash ceremony  Talk to Kelsey in the office CMU 114
    Ms. Janet Hohenstein, PDSO