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  • What to Bring?


  • What to Bring? 

    What Will I Find in My Room?

    • Window Blinds/Shades
    • Thermostat
    • Internet
    • Wastebasket
    • Overhead Light
    • Twin Bed Frame & Mattress (most are extra-long)
    • Desk & Chair
    • Desk Lamp*
    • Closet or Wardrobe 
    • Mirror*
    • Internet Service (through MidContinent)
    • Cable TV Service (through MidContinent)

    *Excludes Dahl, Grantham & Snarr West

    What Should I Pack? (suggestions)

    •  Bathroom Supplies: Shower caddy to carry toiletries, rubber shower flip-flops, hair dryers, shavers, etc.
    • Linens: Extra-long twin sheets (XL twin), pillow, blanket, comforter, mattress pad, towels, washcloth, etc.
    • Clothing: While every room has a wardrobe/dresser and/or hanging space, you may run out of room for every piece of clothing (or pair of shoes) that you own. Think practically about what you will need/wear. If you're planning on going home at Fall or Winter Break, maybe you can trade out summer and winter clothing at that time. Plan ahead and be realistic! You will need to bring clothes hangers.
    • Removable Adhesive: Tape, tacks or nails cannot be used on the walls (but are ok on bulletin boards). Removable adhesive may be used for hanging posters and pictures on walls. Please be advised that any damage to the walls or the paint will result in damage charges when you move out in May.
    • Networking: You may want to bring a long Ethernet/Cat-5 cord so that you can plug in your computer from anywhere in your room. If you want Wi-Fi in your room, you will need to bring a small/basic router. There is Wi-Fi in the lounges, but not the individual rooms. You will have access to a printer in your hall, but you may want to bring your own computer if you do not want to use the campus or hall computer labs. Please use power strips
    • Power Strips: Power strips are used instead of extension cords. The power strip must be rated for a maximum of 15 amps and 1875 watts and have a built-in circuit breaker.
    • Kitchen: While you have a dining contract that allows you to eat at Kise Commons and the retail areas on campus, you may still want to bring a small assortment of dishes and utensils. A dish towel, dish soap and paper towels may also come in handy.
    • Laundry Supplies: Laundry basket or bag, high efficiency detergent for top-loading washers, fabric softener, stain fighters, etc. There are laundry facilities in every hall. Each laundry cycle is $1, each drying cycle is $1 and can be paid with quarters.
    • Health Care Items: First aid kit, allergy, headache or stomach medications, adhesive bandages, sunscreen, etc.
    • Entertainment: TV, DVD player, video game consoles, etc.
    • Approved Appliances: Small refrigerator under 4 cubic feet*, microwave 600-800 watts*, fan, coffee pots with auto-shutoff, and/or clothes iron with auto-shutoff. Please see below for a listing of appliances that are not allowed in the halls. If there is an appliance you are interested in bringing but is not featured on either list, please email for clarification.
    • Fan: a box fan or any medium/large fan is ideal for the first weeks of school.


    *Microfridges are available for rent on a limited basis at


    What Should I Leave at Home?

    • Pets: only fish in a 10-gallon or less aquarium are permitted.
    • Non-CFL or LED lights: Holiday lights, halogen lamps, black or neon lights, incandescent bulbs, paper lamps/lanterns with bulbs, torchiere floor lamps or light kits are not allowed.
    • Weapons: Firearms, weapons, ammunition or facsimiles.
    • Fireworks and Explosives
    • Candles or Incense: Open flames are prohibited in the residence halls. Even candles that have never been used are not allowed. Battery-operated (flameless) candles are a great alternative. This also includes plug-in air fresheners, wax warmers, potpourri warmers, Scentsy or other heated fragrance devices.
    • Extension Cords or Multi-Plug Converters: Use a power strip instead.
    • Toxic Chemicals or Hazardous Materials
    • Combustible Materials: Charcoal, gasoline, propane or charcoal starter fluid is not permitted. While grills are available for use around some of the residence halls, please be aware storing of many of the typical grilling products is not allowed in the residence halls.
    • Mattress: You will need to use the mattress provided in your room and are not allowed to bring a separate mattress. A mattress cover or pad is allowed.
    • Homemade Furniture/Lofts: Self-built or purchased lofts are not allowed. If your bed is able to be lofted, you can rent lofting equipment from CSI Lofts. Dahl, Grantham and West Snarr are furnished with versatile loftable furniture.
    • University Furniture Not Assigned to You:If the furniture is from a study lounge, that's where it belongs.
    • Ashtrays, Alcohol, Empty Alcohol Containers, Alcohol Boxes, etc.
    • Printers: Each hall has a printer in their lounge, along with some computers for use, so save space and leave it at home!
    • Temperature Control: Window or portable air conditioners and space heaters are not permitted.
    • Appliances that are NOT Allowed: The use of any appliance with open heating coils is prohibited. Appliances that are not allowed include crock pots, Pizzazz Pizza Cookers, toasters, toaster ovens, hot plates, electric skillets and woks, indoor grills/George Foreman grills, rice cooker, deep fryer, electric sandwich makers/presses, waffle makers, bread makers, hot oil popcorn poppers, broilers, camp stoves, coffee/drink warmers (this does not include coffee makers), convection ovens, induction cooking appliances, outdoor grills, soldering irons or any electrical appliances that are not UL approved and/or labeled. Please see above for a listing of appliances that are allowed in the halls. If there is an appliance you are interested in bringing but is not featured on either list, please contact for clarification.