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    Admission to a graduate degree, certificate or licensure program is considered only after all required application materials have been received and reviewed. Incomplete files are not reviewed.Upon receipt of the completed application including all required materials, the file is forwarded to the program for review. The program reviews all complete files for admission or denial based on the program requirements and returns the file to the Graduate Studies Office. A formal acceptance or denial is sent to the applicant by the Dean of Graduate Studies with copies to the Program Coordinator.

    The following admission categories will be used by the Graduate School:

    Full Standing
    This status is used when all program admission requirements are fully met.

    This status is used when students show potential for success in a graduate program. The graduate program coordinator and the Dean of Graduate Studies determine the specific provisions that must be met by the student before full standing can be granted.

    This status is used when students do not meet the program admission requirements.

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