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  • Fall 2011 Graduate Catalog
    Graduate Level - Certificate in Publishing (12 Credits)
    Department: Mass Communications

    Program Description

    Prepares students to work within the unique framework of the publishing industry, and to design and deliver an educational experience that allows students to learn about acquiring, editing, publishing and promoting new literature. Completion of the certificate would develop a set of skills that would qualify the student for entry-level employment in the publishing industry. This certificate may be added to either a Bachelor's or Master's degree. Twelve graduate credits from this certificate program may also be applied to the Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing graduate degree.

    Admission Requirements
    This certificate program was designed as an add-on for the graduate students admitted to the Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing. Special permission is required for admission of students outside of the MFA program. Please contact the Graduate Studies Office at 218-477-2344 for more information.

    Requirements (12 Credits)

    ENGL 502 Introduction to Publishing (3.00)
    MFA 669 MFA Internship - Writing (1-6)

    Core classes in either Communications or Writing (6 Credits)

    ENGL 590 Special Topics (1-4)
    MFA 677 MFA Tutorial (1-3)
    MFA 688 M.F.A. Workshop (3.00)

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