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  • Secondary Education - Teaching Licensure
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  • Fall 2013 Undergraduate Catalog - Official

    Teaching Licensure (36 Credits)

    Core Requirements

    In addition to the listed courses, students must also complete a teaching methods course in their major discipline. PreK-12 grade level is the licensure range for Developmental Adapted Physical Education; K-12 grade level is the licensure range for English as a Second Language, Instrumental and Classroom Music, Vocal and Classroom Music, Visual Arts, Physical Education and World Languages and Cultures; 5-12 grade level is the licensure range for Communication Arts/Literature, Health, Mathematics, and Social Studies; the 5-8 grade level is the only licensure range for Science; the grade level of 9-12 is the only licensure range available for Chemistry, Earth Science, Life Science, and Physics.

    AMCS 233 Education and Multicultural America (3)
    CMST 100 Speech Communication (3)
    ED 205 Introduction to Education (3)
    ED 294 Educational Psychology (3)
    ED 310 Social Foundations of Education (3)
    ED 398 Field Experience in Secondary Education (2)
    ED 443S Classroom Management/Consultation (3)
    ED 448 Reading Study Skills in the Content Areas (3)
    ED 461S Student Teaching: Secondary (10) or
    ED 460S Student Teaching: Secondary (5) and
    EECE 480E Student Teaching: Elementary (5)
    SPED 225 Individuals with Exceptionalities (3)