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    The Economics Department offers a broad-based curriculum that provides students with a solid foundational understanding of economic principles and theories and the ability to tailor their studies toward a particular specialty area, such as business, law, education, international affairs, public policy, finance or research. 

    Courses are taught by dedicated, highly educated professors who have vast experience in economics and a variety of interest areas. Students have significant opportunities for professional development through involvement in the Center for Economic Education, the Eastern Economic Association Conference, and Econ Society, which provides opportunities to interact with fellow students and faculty, increase awareness and appreciation of economics and gain insights from experts in the field. Graduates of the program are poised to excel in law school, graduate programs and a variety of career fields such as law, finance, government and business. 

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  • Dr. Steven Bolduc participated in North Dakota Governor’s History Conference

    Dr. Steven Bolduc participated in the North Dakota Governor’s History Conference on Saturday, October 18, in Bismarck, ND. Bolduc’s and Dr. Amy Phillips’ (director of the Minot State University Social Work program at NDSU and former MSUM professor) invited presentation, “Special Delivery: The Significance of the Post Office in Rural North Dakota Communities,” surveyed some [...]

    Economics alumnus, You Wang, to be published in Undergraduate Economic Review

    You Wang’s research paper, “An Economic Analysis of Housing Market Instability and Affordability in China,” has been accepted for publication in 2014-2015 by the Undergraduate Economic Review. Wang is the fourth MSUM Economics student to earn this distinction since 2005. Dr. T. J. Hansen served as Wang’s research mentor in spring 2014. Wang is currently [...]

    Hansen Participates in Agricultural and Applied Economics Association Annual Meeting

    T. J. Hansen, Economics, Law & Politics, participated in the Annual Meeting of the Agricultural and Applied Economics Association (AAEA) in Minneapolis, Minn., July 27-29, 2014. AAEA members specialize in applied economics research focused on agriculture and the environment, growth and development, public policy, and rural and regional economies. Hansen served on a panel of [...]

    New Class in US Economic History

    This fall the economics program is offering a new course in US Economic History. No prior knowledge of economics or US History is needed. This introduction to economic history will use the tools of economics to explore questions in US history. What were the cost/benefits of the colonists declaring independence from England? Would slavery have [...]

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