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  • What We Do

    Being a part of a sorority means having high moral, social and academic standards. As such, all that we do revolves around building these qualities in our members. Here is a short list of the things we do as a sorority. 


    A large part of being in a sorority is giving back to your community. Throughout the school year Delta Zeta participates in any number of philanthropy projects. In the fall we are involved in a Teeter-A-Thon with other Greek Life at MSUM. The Teeter-A Thon over the years has raised money for such causes as the United Way and Hurricane Relief. We also have collected donations for the Rape and Abuse Crisis Center and held events to raise money for the MSUM Speech and Hearing Clinic on campus. 

    National Philanthropies That We Support

    The Painted Turtle
    Delta Zeta adopted The Painted Turtle as a national philanthropy at the Sorority's 2006 National Convention. The Painted Turtle is an innovative medical specialty camp and family care center for children who have chronic and life-threatening illnesses. Collegians and alumnae will be volunteering at the camp and collecting needed items for the philanthropy.

    The Starkey Hearing Foundation
    The Starkey Hearing Foundation is an important part of Delta Zeta's national philanthropy for speech and hearing. Alumnae and collegiate chapters will collect donated hearing aids for the Foundation's Hear Now program, which assists deaf and hard-of-hearing persons with limited financial resources who permanently reside within the United States.

    Sound Beginnings
    Delta Zeta partners with the National Center for Hearing Assessment and Management (NCHAM) on this program. Collegians and alumnae provide videos and informational brochures, which emphasize the importance of follow-up testing for failed infant hearing screening, to local organizations, clinics, and doctors who work with mothers and infants.

    Heather Whitestone McCallum (Miss America 1995) Encourages Delta Zeta with their Sound Beginnings Program (a video of her presentation). 

    House Ear Institute
    In 1985 the House Ear Institute, located in Los Angeles, California, became a philanthropic partner. Our first project for the Institute was the furnishing of a parents' conference room.

    Gallaudet University
    Since 1954, Delta Zeta Sorority has partnered with Gallaudet University in Washington, D.C., the world's only university with undergraduate programs accessible to the hearing-impaired students. In 1995, the Delta Zeta Dance Studio at Gallaudet was dedicated.


    Being in a sorority means sisterhood. Holding a "Sisterhood" means we take some time to relax and have fun together as sisters. In the past we've had camera scavenger hunts, hosted Mary Kay parties, watched movies, made some crazy crafts, gone on field trips, and held our annual holiday party and end of the year BBQ.  

    100% Involvement

    Delta Zeta has a 100% involvement policy, which means that all members are involved in at least one other student organization at MSUM besides Delta Zeta. This is very benifical not only to Delta Zeta but also its members. Having many student leaders in our sorority, we pride ourselves on being very involved on campus. The experience of being involved on campus makes your college experience that more memorable. 


    The college experience is about meeting new people and having fun! We meet with other Greek organizations and have socials to get to know them and have an excuse to dress up in absurd costumes. We've played the dating game, gone on a famous couple's costume scavenger hunt, held mock weddings, and a variety of other activites. We also host or co-host two formal dances each year. In the winter we have Term with Gamma Phi Beta. This is a themed dance, and we have had such themes as fairy tales, famous couples, and even pretty in pink. In the spring we host our annual Killarney Ball which is time to have fun and celebrate the past year.