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  • Communication Studies

Communication Studies

  • Communication Studies

    The Communication Studies Department is designed to shape students into professionals who can communicate clearly and work effectively with others, evaluate messages clearly, and use strong decision-making and leadership skills to set visions for the future. With roots in Aristotle's examination of the art of logic, argument, and persuasion, Communication Studies is a unique discipline that examines human interaction and behavior using social scientific approaches to understanding the world.

    Highly educated and engaged faculty teach courses designed to bridge the gap between the study of psychology (i.e., the mind) and sociology (i.e., the context, the situation) by seeking to better understand human communication through social scientific practices. The curriculum examines human communication through multiple approaches, including a focus on message production, message processing, and message effects in a variety of contexts including interpersonal, group, intercultural, family, health, and social influence. Graduates of the program are uniquely positioned for graduate school and successful careers in a wide variety of fields and industries including health care, technology, education, business, nonprofit agencies, service, retail, sales and global organizations.


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    Megan Boie, Communication Studies Major

    Megan Boie
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    Jesika McCauley, Communication Studies Major

    Jesika McCauley