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    Student Fee Descriptions

    Academic Year 2015-16

    Following are descriptions of the student fees that MSUM collects. The choices any student makes to use or access any service, participate or view any activity, or make use of any activity funded facility or equipment, will not be a reason to grant an appeal or waiver of any fee. If you have an opinion you care to share or would like to get involved in the student fee process, please contact the Student Senate in CMU 108 or email at stusen@mnstate.edu.

    Athletics Fee ($4.58 per credit; maximum of 12 credits per semester)

    --Financial support for MSUM varsity athletics including:
    --Men’s & Women’s Basketball
    --Men’s & Women’s Cross Country
    --Men’s & Women’s Track & Field
    --Men’s Football
    --Swimming & Diving
    --Funding for Cheer and Dance Programs
    --Funding for Athletic Department Strength and Conditioning
    --Funding for Athletic Training and student interns
    --Funding for teams who qualify for the post season

    Health Services Fee ($5.41 per credit; maximum of 12 credits per semester)

    The Health Services Fee supports Hendrix Clinic & Counseling Center and the following services:
    • Full, part-time, and contracted staff
    • Non-emergent ambulatory health care clinic (open on all days classes are in session; reduced summer hours)
    • Unlimited number of visits to sexual assault and licensed addiction counselors
    • Initial mental health screening is free
    • Filing insurance claims
    • Collection and maintenance of required MnSCU immunization data
    • Peer Education programming
    • Alcohol education classes for students with sanctions
    • Court-ordered alcohol education and assessments

    Available medical services provided to students (health insurance plan is billed):
    • Laboratory testing
    • Further reduced price for STD testing.
    • Pharmacy prescriptions
    • Over-the-counter products below retail
    • Pharmacist works with drug companies for reduced cost of pharmaceuticals
    • Medical supplies (dressings, splints etc.)
    • Allergy shots
    • Immunizations
    • Athletic physicals
    • Annual (Pap) exams for women
    • Mental health counseling (initial mental health screening in free)

    International Student Fee ($100 per term for fall and spring terms only)

    This fee is only paid by international students and supports:
    • portions of the Office Manager and Programming Coordinator salaries as well as student staff
    • international student orientation (immigration rules and regulations, culture shock, American culture) which is over and above the regular student orientation that they are also expected to attend
    • diplomat program; diplomats provide additional services to international students, including airport pickup, shopping for essentials, checking on the student’s wellbeing throughout the early part of the semester, helping orient them to the campus and to American culture, assisting with contacting home, etc.. Part of this fee offers t-shirts to our Diplomats and a thank you lunch for their services to the students throughout the year.
    • Graduation sashes, sash ceremony and dinner
    • Programmed events (e.g. Itasca State Park, Mall of America, Valley Fair , rodeo, Thunder Road, Mount Rushmore, skiing, movies, bowling)
    • Friendship Family activities
    • NAFSA membership, workshops, and conferences
    • Institute of International Educators
    • International Student Office resources
    • Minimal office supplies, phone, fax, copies, printing

    Intramurals & Club Sports Fee ($1.08 per credit; maximum of 12 credits per semester)

    The Intramural & Club Sports fee funds one full-time professional staff member to direct, coordinate, and lead the Intramural & Club Sports programs.

    MAT Bus Fee ($.40 per credit; maximum of 12 credits per semester)

    Fee supports free student ridership on the Metro Area Transit (MAT) buses. MATBUS is the public transportation system serving the communities of Moorhead & Dilworth, MN and Fargo & West Fargo, ND. MATBUS operates Monday through Saturday, offering many routes to provide students with affordable, quality transportation. All vehicles are wheelchair-accessible. www.matbus.com

    Orientation Fee ($90 for 1st term only)

    This fee is paid by newly enrolled Freshman and Transfer students and supports:
    • Dragon Registration Day activities including food for students & families
    • new student orientation activities including food for students
    • 60 undergraduate Student Orientation Counselors
    • First Year Programs Assistant Director salary
    • family weekend activities
    • supplemental funding for additional programs that directly impact first year students

    Reserve Fee ($.34 per credit; maximum of 12 credits per semester)

    Fee used to guarantee student activity fee budgets each year and buffer unplanned enrollment declines. Targeted reserve balance is between $300,000 and $500,000.


    Residential Learning Community Fee ($150 per student per term)

    This fee is only paid by first-year students in a learning community in the University’s residence halls. Residential learning communities are offered to first-year students to support their academic success and to assist with transition to college life. Participating students will take two or three fall semester classes together as well as live together on the same residence hall floor along with a Dragon Mentor. This connection provides an opportunity to develop relationships with other students interested in the same academic program, to further explore their common interests, and to engage with faculty. The fee covers admission to various venues if field trips or site visits are offered and the cost of food at various events.

    Statewide Student Association Fee - MSUSA (Minnesota State University Student Association) ($0.43 per credits 1-11, $6.67 banded rate for credits 12-19, an additional $0.43 per credit 20 and above).

    • Student-led 501(c)3 non-profit
    • Recognized by the MnSCU System Office, MnSCU Board of Trustees, and MN state legislature as the sole state university student voice in higher education policy and decision-making
    • Advocates for state university students at federal government level
    • Represents state university students to the MN Higher Education Services Office and any task forces or committees regarding higher education issues
    • Serves as resource and provides support to campus student governments
    • Maintains a website with information about MSUSA’s goals and positions, as well as legislative information
    • Maintains several scholarship programs for students
    • Works to increase student participation in the political process, including elections
    • Works on cultural diversity programs and issues
    • Holds periodic business meetings on campuses, as well as specific conferences (ex. media, cultural diversity)
    • Offers education and leadership opportunities to students
    • Serves as a resource to media outlets and higher education policymakers
    • Employs eight (8) professionals to carry-out and accomplish above 

    Student Activity Fee ($3.70 per credit; maximum of 12 credits per semester)

    The Student Activity Fee, administered by the Student Activity Budget Committee (SABC), supports student organizations, campus-wide programs and activities, and other extracurricular related activities for students enrolled at MSUM. Each year, student organizations can apply for and receive a budget from the Student Activity Fee to assist with basic operations of the organization, planning of campus-wide events and travel to local, regional or national conferences. Additionally, students and student organizations are able to apply throughout the academic year for funds to assist with new programs, campus activities or travel to conferences to promote student research, academics and leadership development.
    Following are some examples of campus-wide programs and activities that the Student Activity Fee supports:
    • Dragon Entertainment Group
    • Student Senate
    • AfterDark
    • Homecoming
    • Celebration of Nations
    • DragonFest
    • DragonFrost


    Student Event Fee ($1.40 per credit; maximum of 12 credits per semester)

    A portion of the event fee ($.10) funds large scale, educational events, not normally within the budget of a single department or student organization. These funds are administered by the Dragon Entertainment Group in consultation with students, staff and faculty.
    The remaining event fee ($.89) allows students to participate in several visual and performing arts events on campus for free or at a discounted price.
    • Cheryl Nelson Lossett Performing Arts Series is a series of four professional productions staged at MSUM each year. Students are admitted for free or at a discounted price to these events.
    • The MSUM Theatre Arts Department, known for its high-quality productions, stages plays throughout the academic year and summer. Students receive free admission to nine productions each year.
    • The MSUM Art Gallery is also funded by the event fee and provides free admission. Student exhibitions are held throughout the year as is one faculty exhibition and one professional exhibition.


    Student Union Facility Fee ($12.43 per credit; maximum of 12 credits per semester)

    The Student Union facility fee together with self-generated revenue (i.e. retail food service operations, university office space rental, commercial rental space and facility rental fees) provides the funding to support the overall student union operation.
    Expenses covered include:
    • student union debt service
    • professional and student staffing
    • repair and renovation
    • equipment and furniture replacement
    • utilities
    • liability insurance
    • MnSCU mandated assessments

    Programs and services currently offered include:
    • retail food service operations managed by Sodexo—C-Store, Dragon Café, Pizza Hut, Subs & Sweets, and Union City Cafe
    • retail operations managed by the student union—Info Desk (information, fax & mail services) and Recreation & Outing Center (billiards, table tennis, computer lab, outdoor equipment)
    • free meeting space for any student organization and most MSUM sponsored activities
    • study and quiet lounge space for students and the campus community
    • free office space for student organizations—The Advocate, After Dark, Dragon Entertainment Group, KMSC Dragon Radio, Student Senate
    • university office space—American Indian Research and Resource Center, Copy2Print, Diversity and Inclusion, First Year Programs, International Student Services, Office of Student Activities
    • commercial retail space—Affinity Plus Credit Union and ATM; Hot Heads Hair and Tanning; US Bank ATM


    Sustainability Fee ($7 per credit; maximum of 1 credit per semester and 2 semesters per year)

    The Sustainability Fee supports:
    • funding of sustainability-related student projects, activities, and initiatives
    • Office of Campus Sustainability and Sustainability Coordinator position to foster development of a greener MSUM
    • implementation of a student-run recycling program
    • purchase of wind-turbine and/or solar panels, or offsets to reduce our carbon footprint
    • speakers, demonstrations, and events to educate the campus community about environmental threats and sustainable solutions

    Technology Fee ($1.00 per credit; maximum of 12 credits per semester)

    The student technology fee currently funds special project grants to support implementation of emerging technology initiatives to enhance the student experience.

    Wellness Center Facility Fee ($8.48 per credit; maximum of 12 credits per semester)

    The fee provides students access to the Wellness Center facility and supports the Wellness Center daily operations, debt service, building utilities and maintenance, programing, and services.
    • Use of the Wellness Center
    • Furnishings and equipment in the Wellness Center
    • Full, part-time, contracted, and student staff
    • Programming for fitness classes and special events
    • Nutrition services