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  • B.S. Degree in Medical Laboratory Science
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  • Fall 2013 Undergraduate Catalog - Official

    B.S. Degree in Medical Laboratory Science (120 Credits)

    Admission Requirements

    Students will be admitted into the BA in Biosciences major with an emphasis in Health and Medical Sciences. Students will be admitted to the BS in Medical Laboratory Sciences major once they have been accepted into the affiliated clinical internship offered at the Sanford Health Program for Medical Laboratory Science-Fargo.

    Core Requirements

    BIOL 111 Cell Biology (4)
    BIOL 115 Organismal Biology (4)
    BIOL 341 Genetics (4)


    Biology 460 is taken during the summer for 6 credits, repeated in the fall for 12 credits and repeated again in the spring for 12 credits, for a total of 30 credits to be completed in one year at the affiliated hospital program.

    BIOL 349 Human Physiology (4)
    BIOL 350 Microbiology (4)
    BIOL 430 Immunobiology (3)
    BIOL 438 Medical Microbiology (3)
    BIOL 460 Medical Laboratory Clinical Education (6-12)

    Related Requirements

    Students must complete all CHEM courses listed below and three credits of MATH at 234 or higher.

    CHEM 150 General Chemistry I (3)
    CHEM 150L General Chemistry Laboratory I (1)
    CHEM 210 General Chemistry II (3)
    CHEM 210L General Chemistry II Lab (1)
    CHEM 350 Organic Chemistry I (3)
    CHEM 355 Organic Chemistry I Lab (1)
    CHEM 360 Organic Chemistry II (3)
    CHEM 365 Organic Chemistry II Lab (1)
    CHEM 400 Biochemistry I (3)
    CHEM 405 Biochemistry Laboratory I (1)
    MATH 234 Introduction to Probability and Statistics (3)