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  • Recommended Activities for Category Five

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  • Recommended Activities for Category Five:
    Citizenship Within the Region

    College of Arts & Humanities

    • Assume a leadership position or be an active participant in a student or community organization involved in governmental, social justice, or political issues
    • Work on a political campaign, help with fund raising, assist with voter registration, volunteer to work at your local polling site, lobby at the legislature, and/or advocate for students issues with regional representatives
    • Participate regularly in TOCAR activies or committees for at least one year 

    College of Education & Human Services

    • Join and actively participate in a group such as Students for a Democratic Society, Network for Environmentally Educated Dragons or Students Today, Leaders Forever.
    • Assist a non-profit organization in fundraising efforts.
    • Volunteer for voter registration drives or poll worker activities.
    • Serve on Student Senate.
    • Volunteer with the Giving Learning Program: Mentoring New Americans to Succeed (preparation for naturalization exam). 

    College of Social & Natural Sciences

    • Students will, through their own motivation, participate for 20 hours in the Tri-State activities of a social service organization, community organization, political organization, military service organization, or religious organization. A list of contact information for some of these organizations will be made available to students.
    • Students will play an active role in TOCAR (Training Our Campuses Against Racism) on campus.