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  • Advising 101

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  • Welcome to Advising 101

    Advising 101 is here to assist students with the basic information for advising and registration. This link is intended as a resource for the campus advising community and offers news, tools and information about advising at MSUM.

    MSUM recognizes that academic advising is a critical component of the educational experience and success of its undergraduate students. Advising 101 is an excellent resource for academic support services, and a place to start if you have a question and do not know where to find the answer.

    Basic Policy “Documents”


  • Registering for Classes

    Course registration requires a StarID and password.

    If you have not yet set up your StarID:



    1. Browser iconsOpen a web browser; navigate to

    2. Click Current Students on the right hand navigation column

    3. Click eServiceseServices

    4. Click LoginButton - Login

    5. Course SearchEnter your StarID
    6. Enter you StarID password

    7. Click Courses & Registration

    8. Click Search for a Course

    9. Select a Subject or enter a Course Number

    10. For more search options, click Expand/Collapse for Advanced Search

    11. Click on course title for details

    12. Click to Course Add add course to Wish List

    13. Repeat steps 8-12 to add additional courses

    14. Click Review My Plan to edit Wish List

    15. Click to Course check box empty select courses

    16. Choose to Register or Remove courses with Course check box fill

    17. Enter your Access Code and Password, then click Register

    18. Click View/Modify Schedule to edit schedule


    • Click on "Registration Window"
    • Change the semester if needed. (Click on “Registration Window” again if you need to change the semester).
    • Once the schedule is available on the eservices site you will be able to see when you can register. The date given will be the earliest date you are allowed to add or drop a course from your schedule.

    Students are required to meet with their advisor to obtain their access code to register.

    Search for courses for the semester. Click on “Expand/Collapse for Advanced Search” for more specific search criteria.

    To Add a Course

    • Click on (+) next to course and it will be added to your “Wish List”
    • A full term class may be added through the fifth class day of the term, except for courses which begin later in the semester. For courses which begin later, check with the Records Office.
    • After the fifth class day, a student can no longer add courses via the web. A “registration permit” will be required to add any courses and must be processed in the Records Office. The permit must be signed by the student and the instructor of the course.

    To Drop/Withdraw from a Course

    • Click on "View/Modify Schedule"
    • Click on the Course ID# of the course you want to drop
    • Choose "Drop/Withdraw" from the drop-down menu. Click on "Process" and follow the additional instructions on the screen.

    Please Note:

    • No entry will be made in a student’s record if a class is dropped within the first five class days of a semester. Courses after the fifth day are considered “Withdrawals” and will appear on the student’s record as a “W”.
    • Withdrawal dates have changed as of December 2012. Only full term courses will have a common “last day to withdraw” date. Please check the semester calendar for this date.
    • Students are able to see the last day in which they have to withdraw by looking at their student schedule in e-services.

    I want to withdraw from a course

    Withdrawing from a Course


    You may “withdraw” from full-session course(s) via eServices, check your schedule for each course’s official withdrawal deadline. Withdrawing from a course(s) means that you are no longer in the course but the course counts as “attempted” and a grade of “W” is given. You are still financially responsible for the course(s).
    Contact the Office of Scholarship and Financial Aid to determine whether you are required to repay any amount of financial aid you have received (determined by your last date of attendance) and how withdrawing impacts pending financial aid disbursements.
    Withdrawing on or before the 22nd day of the semester may reduce Pell and SEOG payments made to eligible students.  

    Withdrawing from a course counts against your percent completion which may result in implications related to academic standing and/or financial aid. For question on academic standing please contact the Academic Support Center at 218-477-4318. For questions on financial aid please contact Financial Aid at 218-477-2251.



    • After the fifth class day, a student can no longer add courses via the web. A “registration permit” will be required to add any courses and must be processed in the Records Office. The permit must be signed by the student and the instructor of the course. The Registration Permit can be found under “Forms.”
    • Some courses are set up to require special permission from the instructor in order to enroll. You would need to contact the instructor in order to gain permission to register.
    • If a course requires an override by an instructor, it is important to note that the override DOES NOT REGISTER THE STUDENT in the course. The student must also register via the web or the Records Office.

    To register for more than 18 credits during any semester (nine credits during a summer session) students with fewer than 60 earned credits must fill out an Excess Credit Form. This form must be signed by both the student’s advisor and the College Dean. The Excess Credit Form can be found under “Forms.”

    Check for registration holds before your registration window opens. If you have a HOLD that is preventing you from registering, visit the department that placed the hold to find out what you need to do to have it lifted. Some common holds are for immunization records, transcripts, financial obligations, academic warnings, etc.

    Wait Lists are lists of students waiting to get registered for particular classes that are currently full. Students are kept in the order that they place themselves on the list and when a seat opens up, the first person on the list will be offered that seat (notified via university email). The student will have 24 hours after being notified to go to e-services and register for the course. If they do not register within the 24 hour time frame, the next student on the list will be given the open seat offer.

    Some departments have courses for which you cannot register unless you have completed other courses or have completed and received certain scores on various tests (ACT, SAT, Accuplacer, etc).

    Tips for a Successful Registration

    1. Holds
      Check for registration holds before your window opens. Log into E-services and click on "courses and registration" and then "Registration holds". If you have a HOLD that is preventing you from registering, visit the department that placed the hold to find out what you need to do to have it lifted. If you are not sure what the hold means, visit the ASC.

    2. Find out when your Registration Window opens
      Log on to E-services and click on "Courses and Registration" followed by "Registration Window." Make sure you select the appropriate semester.

    3. Make an appointment to see your faculty advisor
      Check the academic calendar to see when advising for registration begins each semester.
      If you do not know the name of your current advisor, log on to E-services and under "Courses and Registration" click on "View/Modify Schedule." Your advisor and current major are listed at the top of your class schedule. You may also visit the ASC to have us look up the information for you.  

    4. Print off your DARS transcript to bring to the advising session
      From the MSUM homepage, click on E-services. Log on and select "Grades and Transcripts" on the left hand side. Then select "Interactive Degree Audit Report." There is a "Printer Friendly" version that can be selected under the graphs on the left hand side of the page. 

    5. Be prepared for your advising session
      Complete a draft course schedule, making sure to include alternate courses and times in case your first choices are closed. Be prepared to talk with your advisor about liberal studies, your major, internships, graduate school, etc. 

    6. See your Advisor during Advising Time
      You will need to see your advisor to receive your registration Access Code. A new registration Access Code is assigned each semester. You need your registration Access Code to register.

    7. Get approval for any classes that require permission

    8. Be sure you know your PIN number
      If you've forgotten, go to E-services and select the "Forgot your pin/password?" option found under the "Helpful Links" on the right side of the page.

    9. Register on the web

    10. Search for a LASC course
      On the web, use the "Expand/Collapse for Advanced Search" option under Courses and Registration in E-services. Select the LASC number (1, 2, 3...) in the MN Transfer Curriculum goal box to see all of the courses that fulfill that area.

    11. Overrides
      If you have problems getting needed classes, see the following persons: Course Instructor, Department Chair, or Dean in the course area.
      If the professor gives you an OVERRIDE, you are NOT automatically registered. An override simply opens up a space for you in that class. You must go and register for that class through E-services. Use the "quick add" for registering overrides.

    12. Drop/Add Classes Online
      You do not need to use the pink Drop/Add slips to drop classes before the Withdrawal Deadline. You can do this online! CAUTION: You are able to drop classes online after the 5th day of class, but you CANNOT ADD online after the 5th day. To add classes after the Drop/Add Deadline, you must use the pink Drop/Add slips (found in the Academic Support Center or the Records office). This will need the instructor's signature. To drop without penalty you will need to fill out a Student Academic Appeal form.

    Common Registration Problems

    There are many possible reasons for being unable to enroll in a class. Some of the most common reasons are listed below, along with the error message given and possible solutions to the problem. 

    6: Student on hold

    Student has a hold preventing registration. Please contact the office responsible for the hold to obtain further information about this registration restriction. Some common holds are academic suspension, missing immunizations, unpaid balance, missing transcript, etc.

    12: Course requires special permission

    Some courses are set up so that the instructor can monitor exactly who enrolls in the class. These courses require special permission from the instructor/department in order to enroll. Please contact the instructor/department for approval to register.

    13: Requested course is full

    The maximum number of students are registered for the course so there are no open seats left. Please contact the instructor/department for override approval to register for the class that is full.

    19: Only defined majors may register for this course

    Student needs to be in a certain major to register for the course.

    24: Student program required for this course

    Student needs to be in a specific program in order to register for the course. Please contact the department offering the course.

    25: Minimum GPA required for this course

    26: Exceeds maximum credits allowed for this term

    The maximum number of credits in which students may enroll for the semester has been reached. An excess credit form must be completed if the student has fewer than 60 credits and plans to take more than 18 credits or if the student has more than 60 credits and plans to take more than 20 credits.

    34: Immunization info required for registration.

    Immunization info must be provided by student before they can register. Contact Hendrix Clinic.

    58: Student must take/pass test or satisfy course prerequisites

    Some departments have courses for which you cannot register unless you have completed other courses or have completed and passed various tests. Please contact the department responsible for the course to request an override of the prerequisite/test requirement, making it possible for you to register.