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  • B.A. Degree in Art with Emphasis in Photography
  • Art & Design

  • Photography

    The Photography department offers experiences in both traditional and contemporary approaches to photography including developing, advanced composition, lighting techniques, retouching and negative manipulation, toning, hand coloring, and slide processing. Portraiture, night photography, landscape topography, and use of large camera format are taught. Students are encouraged to develop individual styles based on self-awareness.

  • Fall 2013 Undergraduate Catalog - Official

    B.A. Degree in Studio Art - Photography (120 Credits)

    Core Requirements

    ART 101 Basic Drawing I (4)
    ART 102 Basic Drawing II (4)
    ART 125 Foundation Design (4)
    ART 233 Global Art History I (3)
    ART 233M Global Art History I: Methods (1)
    ART 234 Global Art History II (3)
    ART 234M Global Art History II: Methods (1)
    ART 450 Contemporary Art, Design, and Theory (4)


    ART 203F Introduction to Photography (4)
    ART 303F Photography Studio (4)
    ART 304F Photography Studio (4)
    ART 305F Photography Studio (4)
    ART 306F Photography Studio (4)

    Restricted Electives

    ART 203x Intro Studio (must be 3D) (4)
    ART 203x Intro Studio (4)
    ART 203x Intro Studio (4)
    ART 203x Intro Studio (4)
    ART 303x Intermediate (outside of emphasis) (4)
    Art History (Upper Level) (4)

    x indicates the student may select from: A-Ceramics, B-Graphic Design, C-Painting, D-Printmaking, E-Sculpture, H-Drawing, K-Fiber/Textiles, L-Illustration, N-Papermaking.