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  • B.A. Degree in Art with Emphasis in Drawing
  • Art & Design



    Students enrolled in Drawing develop a personal approach selecting from a variety of drawing materials and concepts. Drawing is emphasized as an end in itself, beyond the more traditional idea that Drawing is mainly a preparatory process for the development of visual ideas for other media.

  • Fall 2013 Undergraduate Catalog - Official

    B.A. Degree in Studio Art - Drawing (120 Credits)

    Core Requirements

    ART 101 Basic Drawing I (4)
    ART 102 Basic Drawing II (4)
    ART 125 Foundation Design (4)
    ART 233 Global Art History I (3)
    ART 233M Global Art History I: Methods (1)
    ART 234 Global Art History II (3)
    ART 234M Global Art History II: Methods (1)
    ART 450 Contemporary Art, Design, and Theory (4)


    ART 203H Introduction to Figure Drawing (4)
    ART 303H Figure Drawing II (4)
    ART 304H Drawing Studio (4)
    ART 305H Drawing Studio (4)

    Restricted Electives

    ART 203x Intro Studio (must be 3D) (4)
    ART 203x Intro Studio (4)
    ART 203x Intro Studio (4)
    ART 203x Intro Studio (4)
    ART 303x Intermediate (outside of emphasis) (4)
    Art History (Upper Level) (4)

    x indicates the student may select from: A-Ceramics, B-Graphic Design, C-Painting, D-Printmaking, E-Sculpture, F-Photography, K-Fiber/Textiles, L-Illustration, N-Papermaking.