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  • 2015-2016 Sabbaticals

    Applications for 2015-2016 sabbatical leaves are due to department chairs by October 10, 2014.

    As per the IFO Master Agreement 2011-2013, "The purpose of a sabbatical leave is to enhance professional development, support department/unit goals, and and/or meet the instructional, service, or research priorities of the university." A faculty member "shall be granted a sabbatical, upon request, after either, a year of service following an initial award of tenure, or completion of ten (10) years of service, and thereafter upon request after ten (10) years of service following conclusion of the faculty member's last sabbatical leave." (Article 19, Section C)


    A faculty member wishing to apply for a sabbatical should forward his/her completed sabbatical application to the department chair. After reviewing the application and consulting with the department, where applicable, the chair should forward the sabbatical application to the dean (no later than October 24, 2014).  Prioritization of sabbatical requests, in the event that more than 25% of the faculty (based on FTE) are eligible and request a leave is as follows:

    1. Faculty who have not yet received a sabbatical
    2. Faculty whose sabbatical was postponed by this provision
    3. Faculty with the longest service since their last sabbatical

    Approvals of sabbatical requests are dependent on the university's ability to fund replacements.

    2015-2016 Sabbatical Application Form

    2015-2016 Sabbatical Information Memo from Interim Provost Malott