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  • Articulation Agreements


    An Articulation Agreement is a formal officially approved agreement between two or more educational entities to accept credits in transfer toward a specific academic program. Generally, agreements are created for specialized professional or technical programs offered at colleges that can be applied to a specific program/major at Minnesota State University Moorhead.


    Departments/Programs developing an articulation agreement should:

    1. Consult and work with your academic Dean.
    2. Consult and work with your counterpart at the sending institution(s).
    3. Once an agreement is drafted by the participating institutions, send a copy of the proposed agreement to Marla Smith, Curriculum, Articulation and Catalog Coordinator for review to ensure all components are satisfactory and determine if the following criteria are met:
      • Course equivalency is verified.
      • Suggestions, as necessary, will be made to the faculty drafting the agreement.

    Assistance in completing the program table is also provided by the Coordinator, if requested.


    Once an agreement is finalized:

    • The Coordinator will route two (2) original copies of the Articulation Agreement and Program Table to the relevant MSUM faculty and administrators for signature.
    • The signed copies will be sent to the participating institutions for signature, with one original retained by each campus.
    • Copies of the agreement and program table will be sent to the respective Dean and Department Chairperson.
    • The agreement will be entered into the online Minnesota Transfer database.
    • MSUM Transfer Specialists will be notified of the agreement.

    Articulation Agreements remain in effect to the agreed expiration date so long as faculty at both institutions are satisfied with the agreement and degree requirements and/or course content remains the same. Any changes must be reported immediately by the institution making the change so the participating institution can be notified. A revised agreement or addendum may need to be developed.


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