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  • Film Students Nationally Recognized

    Named finalist in 48-hour film competition

    Kristin Kirtz

    MSU Moorhead’s film group, Cinethusiasts, was named a finalist in the 2012 National Film Challenge—a 48-hour competition. In total, 103 films were eligible and 15 were named finalists.

    These films come from all over the world and the Cinethusiasts finished among groups from Singapore, Los Angeles and Beijing.

    MSUM senior Pat McKeown directed the film, “Roleplay Rangers,” and was excited to be a finalist.

    “The fact that the film was a finalist in this competition was completely unexpected,” McKeown said. “Our group worked really hard and it’s awesome that it paid off.”

    Success comes with hard work

    Tom Brandau, associate professor in film and advisor to the Cinethusiasts, was the first to receive the news.
    “I received the email that we were a finalist the day before Thanksgiving,” Brandau said. “It was something to be thankful for.”

    Although the Cinethusiasts have been doing this competition for nearly 10 years, this is the first time they’ve been selected as finalists. McKeown said that this wouldn’t have been possible without the people he has come to know throughout his years at MSUM and all their help.

    “MSUM has taught me everything I know,” McKeown said. “Everyone in my group is so good at what they do. They make me look good and I’d like to think it goes both ways.”

    This competition teaches students about the film industry.

    “I really like the 48-hour competition because it’s a good exercise,” McKeown said. “You really have to think on your feet and roll with what you have. It’s a fun challenge.”

    Challenging requirements

    To be eligible for competition there are some strict guidelines each group participating must follow.

    •    The group must register and submit their registration fee prior to the start of the competition.
    •    On Friday each group must log on to the site at 7 p.m. If logged on, the group will receive an email that gives each individual group a different genre, character name, line of dialogue and prop that must be in the finished film by Sunday at 7 p.m.

    McKeown said that even though putting together a film in 48 hours was tiring and stressful, his group worked well together.

    “Roleplay Rangers” is a short comedy about a woman named Sam who ends up taking over for her husband as a park ranger when he isn’t able to go to work.  Hilarity breaks out as she takes the park by storm.

    Watch “Roleplay Rangers” as well as the other finalists’ videos.