• Pharmacy
  • Pharmacy

    The Hendrix Pharmacy dispenses prescriptions and over-the-counter medication at a reduced cost to the student. Prices of medications are often lower than retail price. The Pharmacy may be used by any currently enrolled students at MSUM.

    The pharmacy is closed when school is not in session, breaks, and holidays.

    Hendrix Pharmacy accepts many insurance prescription plans, such as Blue Cross Blue Shield. You must present your current prescription insurance card at the time of service. A parent can fax insurance information to the pharmacy.

    The pharmacy charges are not included in the heath center fee. Students are responsible for all pharmacy charges at the time of prescription dispensing. We accept cash, check, and credit card.

    Over-the-Counter Items
    Payment is due at the time of sale. Many of our items are below retail prices. We can special order many items on you request.

    To Order a New Prescription

    Bring your written prescription to the pharmacy. If you are a new patient to the clinic, you will be asked to provide a medical history and insurance information. We accept prescriptions from physicians outside of the Hendrix Clinic and Counseling Center. Hendrix Pharmacy is unable at this time to dispense CII narcotics such as Ritalin.

    To order a Refill Prescription

    If your prescription was originally filled at the Hendrix Pharmacy and is authorized for refills, you may call us 24 hours a day at 218-477-5875 to get it refilled. Please leave your name, the prescription number, name of medication, and quantity on the voicemail. During the day, call us with your prescription information and allow at least one hour before picking it up. You may also bring your prescription number or container to the pharmacy and wait in the lobby while it's being filled.

    Prescription Transfers
    If your prescription was filled at another pharmacy and it has authorized refills, the pharmacist can call to have your prescription transferred to the Pharmacy. You must bring the original container or supply that information to the Pharmacist. Please allow 4 hours for a transfer and refill. However, you will no longer be able to fill the prescription at the original pharmacy unless it is transferred back to that pharmacy.

    Special Ordering
    If a medication is not stocked at Hendrix Pharmacy, a pharmacist may be able to special order it for you. Please check with a pharmacist for further details.

    Prescription Counseling
    Answering medication related questions and providing medication information is important to us. A pharmacist is always available during business hours for prescription counseling. The pharmacy counseling booth area ensures confidentiality.

    A majority of our generic prescriptions are around $7.50 and most generic oral contraceptives are around $18.00.

    Protected Health Information
    All of your medical information is protected. We cannot release your personal, medical, or billing information to anyone except for who you tell us to. This includes parents, so if you would like them to have access to your records, please contact the pharmacist for a consent form.

    Pharmacist In Charge
    Andrea R. Stengl, Doctor of Pharmacy, Registered Pharmacist

  • IMPORTANT:  All international students using United Healthcare Insurance:

    United Healthcare no longer sends out health insurance cards to members.

    Go to www.uhcsr.com, under Find My School's Plan, create a My Account and from there you can print out a card.

    You can access your benefit plan information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from this same website from which you created your account; which will give you access to view coverage information and claim status, submit accident details, update other insurance information, or assign a personal representative.  Other features available, depending on your plan, include locating a provider or a pharmacy.  A number of these features can also be accessed during a smartphone through our mobile site at https://my.uhcsr.com or with our new mobile app, available on the Apple App Store and on Google Play.  If you need assistance, please call our Customer Service Representative at the toll-free number (1-800-767-0700) also listed on the back of your student health insurance ID card.

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