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  • Faculty, Staff & Retiree Giving Program
  • Support Our Students

    Why Should I Give?

    Every dollar you give is a dollar that will Support Our Students in one way or another. Your gift will help MSU Moorhead be a leader in student success. Not only can you support scholarships, but you can also support an educational experience that will have lifelong relevance. 

    Your Gift, Your Choice

    You can designate exactly where you want your gift to go to make an impact. Here is a list of funds.

    • Scholarships can be used to recruit high-caliber students and to provide access to a diverse group of students
    • Discretionary funding is key to enhancing the student experience through applied learning experiences, emerging technologies, and other opportunities
    • Endowed funds can provide a lasting system of support that will continue for years to come

    Payroll Deduction

    By signing up for payroll deduction, MSUM employees can give a little each pay period and have it add up to a significant amount by the end of the year. Anybody can also sign up for quarterly, monthly, or weekly gifts via credit or debit card. Click here to sign up for payroll deduction.

    Setting the Standard

    If we are to ask alumni to give back to MSUM, then it is up to us to set that standard. Imagine the impact it would have to say that 100% of our employees made a gift to the Alumni Foundation. Every gift, every amount counts. It is your PARTICIPATION that is important. All gifts, no matter the amount, are counted towards the participation goal. Please participate and make your gift today!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why the change to the Campaign?

    Formerly known as the “Campus Campaign”, the annual faculty, staff, and retiree giving campaign has been a staple of this institution for many years, generating hundreds of thousands of dollars in academic support. The new campaign will continue that tradition, while coinciding with the academic year and refocusing on what we do, Support Our Students. 

    What is the deadline?

    To be eligible for weekly drawings, your form must be received by Friday at 4pm. To be eligible for the grand prize drawings, your form must be received by September 30th at 4pm. BUT you can make a gift anytime throughout the year, and you will be counted as a participant! 

    What did I give last year?

    Your giving history is noted on the letter enclosed in your packet. It is also available online at Just login or create a profile to see your complete giving history. 

    What funds can I give to?

    There are literally hundreds of funds to choose from, too many to list in this brochure. You can view them all online here

    When does my payroll deduction end?

    All payroll deductions are on-going. This means they will continue from year to year until you say stop, which you can do at any time throughout the year. 

    I have some more question. Who should I call?

    All questions can be directed to Anna Miller, Director of Annual Giving for the Alumni Foundation. You can reach her at 218.477.2556 or at