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  • Non-Degree Seeking Applicant
  • Graduate Studies

  • Non-Degree Seeking Admission as a Graduate Special Student

    Students with a baccalaureate degree who wish to take courses for graduate credit but who are not seeking admission to a graduate program may enroll as a "graduate special" student (admission status is "graduate unclassified"). International students are not eligible for Graduate Special status. Students who later wish to be admitted to a graduate degree program must submit a new application and meet all admission criteria for the specific program. Credits earned as a Graduate Special student may later be applied to a degree program with advisor approval, but cannot exceed nine (9) semester credits. Graduate Special students are not eligible for most types of financial aid. Students who are denied admission to a degree program may not register as Graduate Special students.

    Application Process

    1. Application for Admission to Graduate Study form; check graduate special
    2. Proof of baccalaureate degree (unofficial transcripts accepted)
    3. $20 non-refundable application fee is charged for first-time MSUM students

  • Application Deadlines for Non-Degree Seeking Students (Graduate Special Status)

    Applications must be completed ten (10) days before the beginning of classes for the starting semester.

  • Student Life

    Natasha Smith talks about her experience

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