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    Graduate Assistant



    Audrey Cloe


    I am a Graduate Assistant working with the Learning Communities program this year! I am entering into the Counseling and Student Affairs graduate program for the fall, planning on emphasizing in Student Affairs. I completed my undergraduate degree in Psychology at the University of Oregon, in Eugene, and worked as a student staff member in the Residence Halls for over two years! I have a passion of working with college students and understanding the developmental milestones and challenges first year students experience. I am very excited to be a part of the Learning Communities program and know that this is going to be an incredible year because the Dragon Mentors are very passionate, involved, and talented individuals!

    Graduate Assistant



    Andrea Mann


    My name is Andrea and I am a Graduate Assistant also. I am entering my final year in the Counseling and Student Affairs graduate program at MSUM. My emphasis is College Counseling. I have a background in health sciences, but made the decision to join the world of academics shortly after completing my two undergraduate degrees. I have the opportunity to work at other university is admission departments, student activities, and high school programming. I enjoy working with others and I am excited to serve the Learning Communities and Dragon Mentors!

    Art/Art Education



    Makayla Rinkenberger


    Hi! My name is Makayla Rinkenberger and I am a sophomore at MSUM. I am a Mass Communications major with an emphasis in Photojournalism and I'm working on completing an art minor. Besides that, I'm the Dragon Mentor for the Art/Art Education Learning Community. I hope to travel a lot someday and do some photography as I travel, but I'm very open to whatever future opportunities lie ahead. I love many forms of the arts like theatre, poetry, music, and drawing. I love to listen to a huge variety of music and explore new music. I also love spending a lot of time with family & friends and getting to know people!




    Kyle Hurley


     Hi, my name is Kyle Hurley and I am a sophomore at MSUM. I am dual majoring in Physics and Engineering and I anticipate being a Civil Engineer in the near future. I am a Dragon Mentor for the STEM Learning Community as well as a SMART Start Mentor through the Office of Diversity and Inclusion. In my free time I love playing sports a specially volleyball. I am pretty much game for any sport you ask me to play! Before I graduate I hope to achieve every goal I set for myself prior to college and more. Hopefully I will be constructing bridges in Minnesota before no time!





    Anthony Quinn


     Hi! I am a senior Biochemistry and Biotechnology major here at MSUM. My plan after graduation is to earn a Ph.D. in either Pharmacology or Integrative Neurochemistry, and eventually begin a career in pharmaceutical research. I enjoy exercise, performing music, and reading. I am constantly finding new reasons to love life, and for that, I feel very lucky.




    Elena Parker


    Hey there! My name is Elena Parker and I'm the Dragon Mentor for the psychology learning community. I am a junior at our lovely MSUM and I also work at the Alumni House on campus. My undergraduate is in Psychology, but I plan to further my education more specifically in school psychology. My passion lies with helping others and contributing to their personal experience in a positive way. I also enjoy reading, painting, and watching Supernatural. I would like to graduate with experience in my field and fond memories of this campus.

    Global/International Connections



    Calanthea Mozoyo


    Hello! My name is Calanthea and I am the Dragon Mentor for the Global Connections learning community. I have a vision to travel to different parts of the world someday and change the lives of people there. I have a passion to help the less fortunate because I have been blessed.  I want to leave a permanent mark everywhere I go, even if it’s only one person’s life. I know I will wake up the next day with a smile on my face and a changed heart.




    Danielle Farrell


    Hello! My name is Danielle Farrell and I am a sophomore at MSUM. My major is Elementary Inclusive Education and Early Childhood; I hope to teach 1st or 2nd grade. “Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world (Nelson Mandela).” This is why I chose to attend MSUM and work to become a teacher. I am a Co-Dragon Mentor for the Education Learning Community. I also work in the Alumni Foundation as an Office Assistance. I also love being on the lake and biking.




    Isaac Skalsky


    Hey! I am Isaac Skalsky and I am a sophomore studying chemistry and physics education. I plan on teaching high school science some day! I am one of the two Dragon Mentors for the education learning community. I am also blessed with the opportunity to be a Dragon Ambassador. I love camping, musicals, Oreos, and movies. When I am not studying, watching movies, or enjoying half priced appetizers at Applebee’s, I work on my research study. I am currently working with Chemistry Department faculty, studying the effects of science fair participation on standardized test scores. College has been a truly amazing experience thus far and I plan on enjoying it to its fullest!




    Louisa Jastram


    Hello! My name is Louisa Jastram and I am a sophomore this year here at MSUM. I am working on a double major in Spanish and Communication Studies with a minor in Leadership Studies. I do hope to switch to Spanish and Elementary Ed. with the hope of becoming a Spanish Immersion Elementary School Teacher. Here at MSUM along with being a Dragon Mentor I am a Peer Advisor and a member of the Dragon Leadership Program. Before I graduate I would love to become as connected to my campus as possible.

    Diversity In Action



    Nuela Enebechi


    Hey Everyone! My name is Nuela Enebechi. I am going to be a sophomore next semester. My major is Computer Science and someday I hope to be the CEO of my own IT firm. I am the Dragon Mentor of the Diversity in Action Learning Community and I am also a Wellness Educator. I learned how to ride a bicycle this summer and I love biking around the Moorhead area in my free time. I also enjoy being around people and food. Before I graduate, I’ll like to go for the taekwondo US national and also eat at least 30 different meals from different countries. Yes, I love food that much!




    Uche Onyeama


    Hello wonderful people! I'm Uche and I am a sophomore at MSUM. I am a double major in Economics and International Studies with an emphasis in Diplomacy and a minor in Political Science. Someday I hope to go to grad school and earn my Masters in Foreign Service. In my spare time, I enjoy connecting with people, listening to music, and hopefully someday, I want to travel to different parts of the world. Apart from being a Dragon Mentor, I also work as a Student Consultant at the Career Development Center, serve as a Diplomat for International Student, work as Student Senate for the college of humanities and social sciences; also, I am the current Campus Coordinator for the MSUSA in our Moorhead campus. My biggest passion in life is to make a big changes in the world and impact greatly in the lives of people.




    Ashley Tuttle


    Hey! My name is Ashley Tuttle and I am a Sophomore at MSUM. My major is Anthropology with an emphasis in Cultural Anthropology. I really enjoy traveling and experiencing other cultures, so I'm very excited to do something like this for a career. I am a Dragon Mentor for the Exploration learning community, which is for undeclared majors, and I am also an Office Assistant on campus in Grantham Hall. I love being outdoors and being active. A big passion of mine is bowling, and I continue to do it throughout my life!




    Nicole Olson


    Hello! My name is Nicole and I am Junior with a Graphic Design major. With my degree I plan to move to the cities and work for a firm down there. Besides being a dragon mentor, I am also a Peer Adviser, a Student Specialist in the Academic Support Center, and volunteer five hours a week for my apprenticeship. In my free time I like to play soccer, rollerblade, or do anything with friends! Before I graduate I hope to experience all that college has to offer. I believe there is a lot to be taken from this experience, as well as a lot that I can give back to positively impact our campus and my fellow students.




    Jackie Ausk


    My name is Jackie Ausk and I am a sophomore at MSUM. I am majoring in Animation with a minor in Graphic Communications. I hope my future work will bring me all sorts of creative challenges. I am a Dragon Mentor for the Film learning community, and I love being involved on campus. You can find me in anime club, Japan club, Cinethusiasts, and attending sports events.

    Speech Language Hearing Sciences



    Annie Hockhalter


    Hello! My name is Annie Hockhalter and I am a Senior SLHS student at MSUM. My dream is to someday work in an elementary school providing speech services to children. This is my second year being the Dragon Mentor for the Speech Language Hearing Sciences community, and I love every minute of it! I'm doing what I love and lovin' what I do! In my free time I really enjoy crafting and spending time outdoors. Before I graduate, I want to do at least three more local 5ks. The first one on my list is the Go Far Woman 5K!

    Theatre/Music/Graphic Communications



    Nick Due


    My name is Nick Due and I am the GCOM/MUS/THR Dragon Mentor. I am currently a sophomore at MSUM and I am majoring in Advertising and Public Relations with a minor in Music Industry. I have spent endless hours involved in plays and speech, practicing and performing music, and using my creativity in a professional environment. I am extremely excited to work with students who share the same interests that I do. I enjoy helping others, playing guitar, and being funny. Life is too short to be serious. I hope to make the most of my college experience and I feel that being a Dragon Mentor will help me do that.